Our roasting profile
After our finest selected coffee green beans arrive into our workshop, they go through our proprietary manufacturing process, a unique low heat roasting process, which does not damage the inherent benefits of the bean as traditional roasting does. Each kinds of bean will roasted into a different roasting level, saying color level, to ensure maximum extraction of original favor. Finally, we will mixed different beans together to become our unique favor of KITSILANO. 
KITSILANO  would guarantee the best Italian Espresso Coffee, with a real competitive price, to meet the market of espresso coffee making. With our brand name KITSILANO, we supply perfect matching of blended coffee bean and coffee machine  because we did  numerous interactive experiment with our bean and our own designed coffee machine.
KITSILANO  is your own personal partner, always ready to satisfy your needs in coffee sector. Through out the entire production process we are constantly striving for one goal:
                     Retain the full aroma of each freshly slow roasted coffee bean
and keeping natural nutrition
With the aid of high technology is it possible to ensure the high quality as well as the multi various diversity of the various favor of the coffee. Our high-quality raw beans are roasted according to the desired result, type of bean and country of origin. Then, we mix together to obtain our special KITSILANO coffee blends.