Core value

Our core beliefs and values
  • WE BELIEVE coffee ought to be an experience that is both enjoyable and beneficial to the growers, retailers, consumers and communities in which they thrive. We believe coffee brings people together through coffee enjoyment including, drinking, brewing, roasting, farming in which all participant devote their heart to thrive a prosperity world of coffee.

  • WE PRODUCE from the most perfect soil conditions of land which is specially selected by our Kitsilano's experts,  a most unique product for coffee lovers worldwide.

  • WE HELP small farmers benefit with fair wages and medical care

  • WE SPONSOR MERCY SHIPS to give medical aid to the poor of Africa

  • WE VALUE the health of family, employees, community and all people.

  • WE WORK to preserve the beauty of the rain forest  & the environment by using the latest and most advanced recyclable packaging.