Our coffee is grown in the high mountain ranges of Panama where the conditions are prime for the production of great beans.The seedlings are permanently planted during the wet season so the sweet volcanic soil remains moist and helps establish young root systems.Coffee plants on average become productive after a few years from when they are planted.

      The harvested fruit called "cherries" from clusters that turn bright red when ripe. The harvest of our beans are hand selected and picked every 8 to 10 days during each growing season which yields a uniform ripeness for the highest quality harvest.

      Soon after the picking, coffee bean cherries go to through a pulping machine that separates the pulp before the cherries are dried into their desired state before they are separated again by ripeness and size. Through the fermentation process the naturally occurring enzymes in the bean dissolve all unneeded elements before the beans are taken to be cleaned and prepared for drying.

    • DRYING
      We import only sun dried coffee beans in order to preserve optimum quality. Beans that are machine dried use dry heat and pressure that make the beans taste bitter and remove what's essential in them that provide health benefits.

      Kept in parchment paper to sustain 11 percent moisture for storage, the beans are taken to get polished to remove the remains on the beans following hulling before they are graded and sorted by size, weight, color and other criteria.

      Now at the "green coffee" state, our sun dried beans are picked into special bags to protect them during shipment before they are imported from the field.

      After these incredible beans arrive into our roasting factory, they go through our proprietary manufacturing process. After a unique low heat roasting process(which doesn't damage ingredients), our bean will pack in our special designed one way valve packing bag